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5 Steps To Power Wash Your Roof Like A Pro

Power wash roof companies and even some pressure washing companies will power wash your roof for you, but to get the best results, it is important that you do some power washing of your own. If not, then all the power washing in the world won’t help! In this blog post we’ll explore 5 steps for power washing a roof.


Working with a qualified power washing company that experienced in roof power washing is very important. They will be able to use the right power washing equipment for your specific type of roof and they know how to properly pressure wash it without damaging it or causing leaks. Find a qualified power washing service provider through word of mouth, referrals, online reviews etc.

A Roof Cleaning Company should have experience specifically cleaning roofs so you can trust their work on yours! Ask about their process when hiring them and make sure they are willing to provide references from past customers as well. You want someone who knows what he/she’s doing because both the wrong products used improperly could damage your home and cause problems down the road!

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Clean the gutters to get rid of any debris that could be blown back into the pores of your shingles by a power washer. Tree branches or even leaves are enough to damage them over time if not removed – this is especially important after windy days when these items may fall from trees onto roofs.

Clean off loose granules with a broom before getting started (they’ll only blow away once you begin power washing). Gather trash such as dead moss, dirty pine needles, twigs and other plant material which accumulate on roofs over time, so it doesn’t enter in contact with water throughout cleaning process because they’re very abrasive and can scratch the surface.

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Depending on the type of house roof access may not be easy. There may be obstacles in the way that would prevent proper cleaning is done before your services arrive. It is important to make sure that all areas can be reached, and power washed safely. Depending on the company, some may charge extra for obstructions in the way.

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When prepping your house, it is still very important to make sure safety precautions are taken. Make sure the roof is properly secured by checking that it’s a surface you can safely stand on without having to worry about falling off or slipping and injuring yourself. Also, when using equipment like ladders make sure that it is properly secured and check if you need to use a harness in case of slipping. Finally make sure your roofing equipment doesn’t get too hot by checking the temperature before using them, so they don’t burn yourself or anything else on contact.


Now that you’ve prepped your house and are ready to start, it’s time to make sure the correct equipment is being used. It might be best if a professional uses this power washer since there could be unwanted consequences from using one yourself without proper experience or knowledge of how they work and what they’re capable of doing. There are many different types, but most will have some sort of water blasting nozzle for spraying hot water on surfaces with stubborn stains and dirt build up that needs cleaning. Make sure you do more than just blast out at high pressure because not all areas require such force when cleaning them. Also try to pay attention to the way in which soap reacts after coming into contact certain chemicals as well as other substances.

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