Pressure Washing Roof Shingles

Step By Step Process On Pressure Washing Your Roof Shingles

Roof shingles can become dirty and stained due to roof leaks, roof moss, roof algae, roof mold or roof stains. This is a guide to pressure washing roof shingles in order remove all these types of stains. Pressure washing your roof will make it last longer by preventing weather damage and other factors that cause the shingles to wear down over time. The first thing you need before pressure washing is a power washer with an adjustable nozzle for different spray patterns- this gives you more control when removing dirt from the surface of the shingle.

Roof that needs gutter and roof cleaning

The following steps are important if you want to get professional results:

Start at one end of the house and work your way across while working in sections. Make sure the roof is dry before starting to power wash it – any standing water should be removed, or your roof can get damaged from too much exposure to power washing. Start at one end of the house and work across while moving back and forth on each section, so you don’t damage any areas by accident with excess spray/pressure. Spray down your roof over a white towel laid out flat underneath it (the soap residue will run off onto this towel). You may need more than one towel depending on how large your roof is that needs cleaning. Keep rinsing away soap no more comes off when. When you’re finished, use a roof rake to remove any debris that might be stuck on your roof. It is best to clean off the roof in sections so it can dry out evenly and thoroughly – this helps prevent damage from excess water which could seep into shingles if left too long without drying after cleaning.

Your roof should look much better now than when dirty! Power washing roof shingles ensures they stay looking great for longer by removing dirt build up and stains caused by different factors such as leaking roofs or moss buildup. This guide has given you all the information needed to get professional results with pressure washing your roof shingles at home successfully whether its one section of roof or multiple sections including roof rake instructions.

If you’re looking for a roof cleaning service, then continue reading!

The roof is one of the most dangerous parts of your home to clean. Even if you have no plans on cleaning it yourself, it’s always good to know exactly what goes into roof washing and some things that should be avoided when dealing with this type of project. If you’re still looking for a roof cleaner in Nashville TN, then check out our service page or give us a call!

There are many factors to consider before you attempt roof cleaning yourself. Different methods of roof washing exist, but no matter the method it is important that you follow these guidelines for safety and quality:

One thing to consider is rooftop accessibility. Make sure your roof’s access points are sturdy enough for workers to navigate with their equipment. Your roof should also be free from any obstacles like towers or antennas that could interfere with the process. If there are obstructions on your roof, they may need to be removed prior to service in order for us to do our work safely without damaging anything else up there! We can remove most common rooftop objects completely free of charge if needed! Weather conditions – Rainy, windy, or even snowy conditions can make roof cleaning an unsafe task. During heavy rain the roof may be slippery and could cause workers to lose their balance. Wind speeds can catch ladders, tools, or roof cleaners off guard which could result in injury when they fall from a roof top.

Soft Washing Roof in Nashville

Snowfall during roof washing is also very hazardous since roofs are already slick enough with water alone! If you live in colder climate areas, then it’s best to hold off on your roof clean until late springtime when weather will allow for longer days of work without compromising safety measures like wearing harnesses. Roof material – Some rooftop materials cannot withstand power washer equipment making them dangerous to access while under high-powered jet sprays of water at extremely high pressure. This can cause roof materials to crack or peel off the roof which will lead to expensive repairs down the line if not properly handled by a professional.

Our professionals are trained and know exactly what they are doing when roof cleaning, so you don’t have to worry about the roof falling apart. We use a very gentle and controlled power washing process that is safe for all roof materials including: asphalt, clay tile, cedar shake & shingle, metal roofs (copper & steel), slate tiles and more!

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