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What To Expect From A Soft Washing Service?

If you are thinking about hiring a company for a soft washing service, this article will give you an idea of what to expect. There are many variables when it comes to how your home is treated with the power or pressure washer, but there are some general expectations that may apply.

Soft washing uses less water and chemicals than traditional cleaning methods, which can be great if you’re environmentally conscious. Soft washing also leaves behind no streaks or residue on your home’s surface because it doesn’t use soap or detergent. The downside is that it takes more time and effort than most other methods – but this could be worth the trade-off if you value sustainability over speed.


The soft wash may involve a custom regimen of cleaners and water pressure to remove dirt, mold, moss, and debris from your home’s siding. Some companies use chemicals instead of water for the more stubborn stains.

As far as time is concerned – this varies from company to company. Soft washing can take more time, depending on the amount of buildup on your siding and how often you’ve had it done before. According to some sources, annual exterior house washing is recommended by many professionals in the industry because it’s the best way to maintain a clean and healthy exterior surface.


Soft washing can also be used to clean your roof. This is especially helpful for removing moss and mold, which are the major culprits in causing damage to your roof’s shingles. It’s important that you choose a company that has experience cleaning roofs because they are more difficult to treat than siding or brick.


Expect the soft washing company to use power tools with rotating brushes, hoses, and sprayers of various sizes to wash your home’s exterior surfaces. They will apply detergents or cleaners, if they use them at all; these chemicals may need time to react and penetrate the dirt and stain. The service may take longer than expected, but you’ll get the best results when it’s done right.

If your home is extremely dirty or dusty or if its exterior surface has never been cleaned in a while, they may use more water pressure to be effective. Your soft washing service will also apply chemicals in cases where you don’t want to use water, such as for moss removal; however, most of the time chemicals aren’t used unless they’re necessary because it takes too long and can be toxic for plants or animals. In any case, no matter what sort of soft washing service you choose for your home, make sure that they have years of experience so that you can get the best results.

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